Rates Private Day Trip Phuket

Rates Private Day Trip Phuket

If you are planning a Private Day Trip in Phuket – Thailand we recommend to charter your own Sailing Catamaran, rent your private Sailing Yacht. This is a super safe and fun activity out on the fresh air.

Discover with you chartered boat the islands around Phuket. On your private day excursion you will go island hopping, you can swim, snorkel or rent a kayak or SUP.

And of course you just can relax onboard your private boat, sip a drink, listen to your favorite tunes and if you have a special celebration to celebrate you can turn your yacht into a party boat.

We of Phuket Private Day Trip are offering special discounted rates on our sailing catamarans. All boats are owned and managed by us, so you can be assured of excellent and dedicated services.

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